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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing your organic traffic by improving search engine rankings for targeted search terms. The most profitable search terms are extremely competitive, which is why Teknicks keeps our clients ahead of the curve via advanced tools, exhaustive analysis and cutting-edge optimization techniques.

The beauty of Search Engine Optimization is that it’s built to last. The strategies we implement for our clients result in definitive short-term wins, but more importantly, they continue to drive an increasing number of traffic, leads and sales with each passing year.

See how our AIM Methodology (the same process we use for Amazon, Salesforce, and Shutterfly) produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

Many agencies can showcase mediocre SEO results in small markets, but are incapable of competing on a national stage. The bulk of our SEO clients are well-known international brands that trust us to execute SEO strategies on their most valuable asset. Our advanced SEO process is consistently being tested and refined on the world’s most competitive stages, and we have the results to prove just how effective that process is.

A Little Bit More About Our SEO Process



SEO is the foundation of digital marketing. It sets the groundwork for success in every other marketing campaign you run. Our process begins with an in-depth SEO audit that analyzes the current state of your website and identifies key opportunities for improvement.



Once the SEO audit is complete, we work with you to create a roadmap that best fits your unique needs and business goals. We only take on a handful of clients at any given time, allowing us to invest fully in crafting custom solutions for your business.



Over the course of our partnership, we will continue to update your roadmap and adjust our goals as milestones are met and exceeded. We will meet with you monthly to review key reports, analyze valuable KPIs and adjust your campaigns for optimal performance.

Components of Our SEO Programs

Are you ready to finally see what a successful SEO campaign looks like? The first step is to schedule your FREE strategy meeting to discuss your goals.

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