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Agile Marketing Agency: Our Methodology

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The Agile Marketing Agency Methodology was developed by Teknicks in collaboration with a team of highly accredited researchers, data scientists, and contributing members from the most successful global growth teams. It is a data-driven process for growing the demand, usage, and distribution of software products and applications. It puts the needs of your target audience, and their user-led growth effects, at the center of the marketing strategy. It helps you define specific attainable goals for your agile  marketing programs across acquisition, retention, and monetization, by utilizing insights gathered directly from your target audience and provides the analytical data needed to decide whether to continue, scale, pivot, or stop, based on performance.

The Agile Marketing Methodology is built upon an agile framework for optimizing growth marketing performance utilizing rapid and measured marketing experiments designed for speed and iteration. The process, summarized below, goes well beyond best practices and employs a sequence of steps you need to take to see substantial product growth.

The Agile Marketing Methodology is a key part of what sets Teknicks apart from other agile marketing agencies. It operates with pinpoint accuracy, enabling companies to forecast predictably and build true growth models. It’s designed to achieve specific growth goals across acquisition, retention, and monetization, utilizing our strategies including but not limited to:


Teknicks allowed us to literally see our digital products through the eyes of our target audience. They handled everything from strategy to full execution and testing. No amount of qualitative or quantitative research would have given us the insights into how our actual customers viewed our products. The data was extremely powerful.

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     Nicholas Karrat

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The Agile Marketing Agency Methodology

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