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We’ll build your personalized growth strategy in 5 steps, so effort is quickly invested where it will have the biggest impact on growth. Trusted as a growth agency by the most well-known companies for 20 years.

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Fundera - Growth Marketing Agency Clients
MTV- Growth Marketing Agency Clients
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102% Increase In Self-Serve Users.

102% YoY increase in self-serve users from user-focused SEO for the real estate data provider, helped to secure the highest valuation.

Corelogic Acquired For 6b

The Problem

Growth has stalled. You’re not sure why.
(Either is your agency).

You're not sure what strategies your growth agency should prioritize.

You’re not sure which customer acquisition channels are best.

You’re not sure what target audience to focus on to maximize growth.

Our Solution

Our growth agency designs a personalized strategy around your ideal customer.
(So growth never stalls.)

Prioritize growth strategies based on quantitative and qualitative data.

Uncover which ad channels are the best fit to drive compounding growth.

Get guidance on who to target (and who not) as your ideal customer.

How It Works

Data-Driven Marketing Playbook

Our 7 Step Process:

  1. Define marketing goals to establish success metrics
  2. Develop detailed use case(s) to gain a deep understanding of your ideal customer
  3. Define your marketing strategy acquisition, retention, and monetization
  4. Evaluate, score, and prioritize marketing channels
  5. Define the marketing investment strategy
  6. Establish performance metrics and measurement rules
  7. Build your marketing playbook


What you get:

  1. Completed Success Metrics Map
  2. Completed Use Case Map
  3. Completed Growth Model Canvas
  4. Completed Marketing Channel Evaluation
  5. Completed Marketing Investment Thesis
  6. Completed Metrics and Measurement Map
  7. Completed Marketing Playbook

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Fundera - Growth Marketing Agency Clients

“If you want someone to think of SEO on a much higher level, if you’re a content-first company, and you want your entire company, from A-Z, to be SEO-optimized, then yes, this the company for you.”

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Meredith Wood Clark

Thomson Reuters - Growth Marketing Agency Clients

“Teknicks has helped to to significantly improve Google rankings or a wide array of topic areas. I’ve worked with them for over 10 years. The only growth agency I trust.”

Ullie Muenker
Head of SEO

MTV- Growth Marketing Agency Clients

“Thanks for the great work. The marketing and news team appreciate your experience and efforts. We were very impressed with your growth strategies and overall agency service.”

MTV - Growth Marketing Agency Testimonial

Michael Klein
EVP, Original Content

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