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Industry-disrupting growth outcomes are are strategized here.

Growth doesn’t mean you need a team of 50 data scientists, product managers, engineers, and designers launching experiments hoping to find the one hypothesis that will prove successful, and unlock tremendous growth. That is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle, and while it’s possible, there is a much better way.

Growth starts with truly understanding your use case and the value your product brings when solving your users’ problems and fulfilling their needs. The levers we pull (acquisition, retention, monetization) and how we apply them to your GTM motions (product-led, sales-led, marketing-led) needs to align with your product strategy and the core value prop it brings to users.

That’s where we come in. 

Teknicks is one of only 6 growth marketing agencies in the United States accredited as a Google Certified Marketing Platform Partner in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Surveys as well as a Google Ads Premiere Partner. Add on full user research capabilities and we are in a class of our own.

We are boutique by design, built around one north star metric; the number of renewed clients. This focus ensures we collaborate more closely with clients and best represents the value we bring as a growth agency.

Why our clients love us

Client-Focused. At Teknicks, we work hard to exceed expectations for our clients and that dedication shows. We have a reputation for excellence because we focus on providing a delightful customer experience.

A Natural Extension Of Your Team. We believe your growth agency and coworkers should be indistinguishable and incentivized by the same outcomes. Through tight-knit collaboration we unlock extraordinary growth for product-led companies.

Customized Solutions. Our team is dedicated to creating unique and customized growth marketing solutions for every client — big or small.

Innovative Strategies. Research and innovation form the cornerstone of everything we do at Teknicks. Rather than focusing entirely on what works today, our team always has an eye toward what comes next in the world of SEO, paid marketing, viral referral programs, and other digital growth marketing strategies to make sure our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.

Cutting-edge Technology. Teknicks maintains its competitive edge by staying at the forefront of digital technology. Our team is constantly developing new tools and services to make sure our clients are getting the best service imaginable.

Unrivaled Experience. Experience always matters, but it really counts when it comes to the growth of your business or digital product. For the last 20 years, we’ve worked on some of the most sophisticated, technical, and aggressive growth marketing projects, across a wide array of industries. In fact, many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, including some of the most well-known global brands and digital products. Not many growth marketing agencies can say that.

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Giving Back

Teknicks is committed to the improvement of our community and we’re always looking for new ways to help. Whether it be sponsoring a local charity event or providing pro-bono marketing services, we do what we can to make a difference.

We do anything we can to support local businesses and charitable organizations. We believe it’s not enough to just be part of your community we all have to take action to make it a better place for everyone to live and work.

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