The Only Google Analytics Certified Marketing Agency in NJ.
Trusted for 20 years.

Teknicks was the first marketing agency in the country to be certified by Google in Analytics, Tag Manager, and Google Surveys. We are still the only certified NJ marketing agency. Experience matters.

Trusted by global and local NJ businesses

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102% Increase In Self-Serve Users.

102% YoY increase in self-serve users from user-focused SEO for the real estate data provider, helped to secure the highest valuation.

Corelogic Acquired For 6b

The Problem

Your digital marketing strategy is a bunch of guesses.

You’re not sure what digital marketing strategies to prioritize.

You’re not sure which marketing channels to advertise on.

You’re not sure what audiences to focus on.

Our Solution

We build your digital marketing strategy based on analytics, not hunches.
(So you don't have to guess anymore)

Prioritize strategies based on quantitative and qualitative data.

Uncover which ad channels are the best fit to drive growth.

Get guidance on who to target (and who not) as your ideal customer.

How It Works

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Playbook

Our 7 Step Process:

  1. Define marketing goals to establish success metrics
  2. Develop detailed use case(s) to gain a deep understanding of your ideal customer
  3. Define your growth model across acquisition, retention, and monetization
  4. Evaluate, score, and prioritize digital marketing channels
  5. Define the digital marketing investment strategy
  6. Establish performance metrics and measurement rules
  7. Build your growth marketing playbook


What you get:

  1. Completed Success Metrics Map
  2. Completed Use Case Map
  3. Completed Growth Model Canvas
  4. Completed Marketing Channel Evaluation
  5. Completed Digital Marketing Investment Thesis
  6. Completed Metrics and Measurement Map
  7. Completed Growth Marketing Playbook

Family Business Growth Marketing

Hear from global and NJ marketing customers

“They are awesome, and my experience has been stellar. Marketing meetings used to be dreaded, now we look forward to meeting and discussing how we can continue to grow the practice.”

Dimitrios Lambrou, D.C.
Founding Partner

“Teknicks has helped to to significantly improve Google rankings for a wide array of topic areas. I’ve worked with them for over 10 years. The only agency I trust.”

Ullie Muenker
Head of SEO

“Nick Chasinov and his team are very technical, analytical, and professional.  I strongly recommend them to any company that is looking to substantially grow their business.”

David Levy
Director, IT

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