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1,057% Increase In Video Plays

YoY increase in total video plays from organic traffic for the Emmy Award winning show.

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We use research and data (not hunches) to grow products

At Teknicks, the growth strategies we execute for your product are based on actual data and research, not a gut feeling. The needs and use cases of your target audience should be at the center of your growth marketing decisions, not a bunch of “best practices” shared on popular marketing blogs that everyone including your competitors follow.

Spoiler alert, publicly shared best practices and tweets about growth hacks won’t grow your business. Must-have tools, overpriced SEO software, magical AI platforms, and WordPress plugins won’t either. We’ve generated close to a billion dollars (probably more by the time you read this) and millions of active users for our clients using our proprietary AIM Methodology that puts the needs of your target audience, and their network effects, at the center of your product growth strategy. If you want to quickly increase qualified traffic, active users, engagement, retention and conversions you should schedule a free virtual strategy meeting right away, and we’ll walk you through our proven process.

We have 20 years of unrivaled product growth experience (yes 20)

Experience always matters, but it really counts when it comes to the growth of your product. For the last 20 years, we’ve worked on some of the most sophisticated, technical, and aggressive growth marketing projects, across a wide array of industries. In fact, many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, including some of the most well-known global brands and digital products. Not many growth marketing agencies can say that.

If your website traffic hit a ceiling and you can’t figure out why it isn’t growing, or your product’s users are churning and you can’t attract qualified active users like you used to, chances are we’ve worked on a similar issue. We will quickly diagnose the problem and provide a comprehensive plan to get it resolved immediately. You are in good hands with us.

We don’t hold you hostage to a statement of work (SOW)

Product-led growth marketing should be agile and you need to be able to pivot strategies based on performance. It is for that reason our agreements are flexible, and designed to evolve based on your goals, data, and priorities.

If you need to scale up or down, Teknicks will be able to utilize data and insight to help plan accordingly. In fact, why don’t you schedule a free strategy meeting to learn why we are the right growth marketing agency for your product. Just click the button below.

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