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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of maximizing the rate at which website visitors convert into customers and leads. This process requires a CRO expert to greatly improve your returns on existing traffic levels, which is why Teknicks makes conversion rate optimization a priority for every client we work with.

Conversion Toolkit

While many of our internet marketing efforts focus on getting the right people to your website, Conversion Rate Optimization seeks to deliver the optimized experience those visitors need to convert into subscribers or customers.

See how our AIM Methodology (the same process we use for Amazon, Salesforce, and Shutterfly) produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

For high-traffic websites, it’s more cost effective to double the rate at which visitors convert than it is to double the number of visitors. Many agencies offer CRO services in isolation, but to truly maximize your conversion rates, you need an agency that understands the big picture and employs a scientifically proven methodology. Teknicks understands the full conversion process, from attraction to conversion to optimization. Our CRO efforts are highly targeted, rigorously tested, and refined, which is why we score big wins for our clients time and time again.

A Little Bit More About Our CRO Process



CRO is an important service for all of our clients to see success. It’s key that we fully understand how visitors are engaging with your website and content. We first start out by utilizing The Teknicks CRO Toolkit, which includes steps like running heat map tests, survyes, focus groups, and eye tracking to gather as much data and insight as possible.



After a minimum of 30 days (time will depend on how much traffic you have), we then have our analytics and usability teams dive into the data. We pull reports from our tools and execute data analysis and attribution techniques to fully understand how your website is performing. This data is extremely necessary for us to draw conclusions and identify what parts of your site need to be improved.



Once we have a good understanding of how your site is performing, we will develop a testing plan and CRO experiment schedule. We’ll identify top pages and elements to test against the current design and setup. We’ll also explore introducing additional technology such as email pop-ups, exit surveys and more to improve site performance.

Components of Our CRO Programs

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