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A/B Testing is the process of testing two variations of a web page to identify which converts at a higher rate. A/B Testing is a mandatory practice for any online marketing system, yet few businesses understand how to implement it correctly.

A/B Testing, also referred to as “split testing,” is a relatively straightforward process. Identify a page or element you want to improve, create a slight variation, and test the two with your audience to see which performs better.

See how our PLG Methodology (the same process we use for Salesforce, Audible, and produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

The tripping points for most businesses come at the beginning and end of this process. Which elements should you test and what type of variations should you make? There are literally millions of possible variations to test, and once they are tested, how can you be sure the results are conclusive? Teknicks has spent 20 years running highly successful A/B tests for our clients. We know EXACTLY what to look for, what to test and how to interpret the results. Our split testing process consistently creates higher converting landing pages for our clients.

A Little Bit More About Our A/B Testing Process



The first step is to identify poor performing pages on your website and develop a custom testing plan. We can determine the top pages for testing based on Google Analytics and conversion data.



Once we choose a page to begin testing, we need to analyze the current page elements to determine what should be tested. Image locations, call to action buttons, videos vs. rotating banners, etc. Our in-house design team will develop a new design to test against the original and the testing can begin.




We’ll continue to monitor the testing performance and wait for a winner to be assigned. We’ll then report on all testing data and key elements. Based on that test, we’ll determine the next page for testing and develop a plan for how to move through your site improving the overall user experience and increasing conversion rates.

Are you ready to finally see what an expert a/b testing process looks like? The first step is to schedule your FREE strategy meeting to discuss your goals.

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