Amazon Advertising

In 2019, nearly half of the total U.S. online expenditures will flow through Amazon, bringing the total annual sales to a projected $282.5 billion - and growing the number of sellers to more than 5 million worldwide. Maximize your Amazon sales - and your profits - with Amazon Advertising, formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services.

Teknicks' team of Amazon Advertising experts use advanced analytics, in-depth keyword research and our extensive knowledge of Amazon Marketing Services to provide you with the tools you need to maximize your Amazon sales in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Components of Our Amazon Advertising Programs

Seller Central

Success on America's largest e-commerce platform starts with embracing the shift towards Seller Central - Amazon's third-party marketplace that puts vendors in control over inventory and pricing. It also means competing head-to-head with all the other 3P vendors battling for a share of Amazon's massive consumer base. In 2018 alone, more than one million sellers joined Amazon, and there were more than 310 million active customers.

We know what it takes to reach your prospects and earn top ratings.

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We have plenty of client experience

Vendor Central

First-party retail, or 1P, gives sellers the opportunity to achieve high order volumes while taking advantage of Amazon's class-leading logistics and fulfillment services. If you do $10 million or more in Amazon sales each year doing business through Vendor Central may be the right strategy.

Our team of Amazon Marketing experts can help you weigh your options and develop an effective selling plan that meets Amazon's highly demanding and competitive terms.

Selling On Amazon Is Easy - Turning A Profit Isn't

At Teknicks, our team of Amazon Marketing Services specialists have the skills, experience and up-to-date information it takes to successfully navigate Amazon's complex and constantly-changing Amazon Advertising services.


Fulfilled By Amazon, better known simply as FBA, is Amazon's in-house order fulfillment service that provides sellers with a suite of services designed to increase consumer confidence, expedite order fulfillment and achieve better conversion rates. FBA lets you offer Prime shipping and provides after-sale support through Amazon's own customer service team.

At Teknicks, we understand benefits, costs, and pitfalls of FBA, and we know how to make the most of Amazon's order fulfillment options to help grow your business.

Amazon Ads

Amazon product searches are keyword-based, just like the search engines used by Google and Bing. Using high-conversion keywords that strike the right balance of search volume, click-through-rate, and gaps in the market to develop and deploy Amazon Ads that target consumers who are ready to buy. 

We evaluate all the Amazon Ad options, assess the potential returns, and develop efficient, trackable ad campaigns that drive sales.

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