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Vendor Central

As of 2021, Amazon captures nearly half of the total online expenditures in the United States. Large-volume sellers can take advantage of Vendor Central, Amazon’s first-party retail platform to tap into the potential of Amazon.

At Teknicks, we know Amazon Advertising (formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services); our agile team of Amazon sales experts use real-time data and in-depth analytics to help high-volume vendors optimize Amazon-based profits.

See how our AIM Methodology (the same process we use for Amazon, Salesforce, and Shutterfly) produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

First Party (1P) Amazon Sales

Vendor Central is Amazon’s high-volume seller platform geared toward wholesalers who do $10 million or more in sales each year on the e-commerce marketplace. This platform offers a number of advantages to companies that want to focus on production rather than direct contact with the end user. Through Vendor Central, sellers are assigned a dedicated account manager and have access to Amazon Retail contacts. They are also granted preferential treatment during the Buy Box selection, and overall, the process is significantly less labor-intensive than Amazon’s direct-to-consumer model, Seller Central.

All-In Fulfillment Services

As Amazon’s first-party retail platform, Vendor Central acts much like an account with a traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlet. Wholesalers are provided with regular purchase orders that vendors fill by bulk shipping to one or more Amazon distribution centers. Amazon retains control over pricing in order to compete with third-party sellers, manage the inventory, and fulfill consumer orders.

1P or 3P? Weighing The Options

In the past, Vendor Central sellers had access to a number of exclusive marketing offers and promotions such as Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” program, which offered incentives to do business on a wholesale basis. Recent changes to Amazon’s business strategy have shifted the focus away from 1P vendor relationships toward self-directed 3P sales on the Seller Central platform — and opened up access to Amazon Advertising Services that were previously available to only wholesalers. Industry watchers attribute this shift to the high cost of managing wholesale accounts and an overall trend toward self-directed e-commerce sales using existing platforms such as Amazon. At the same time, Amazon continues to maintain and develop lucrative wholesale relationships with a number of high-profile, high-volume brands with a heavy focus on a brand’s top-selling products.

Are you ready to discuss if Amazon Vendor Central is right for your business? The first step is to schedule your FREE strategy meeting to discuss your goals.

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