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Paid Acquisition Agency

We are spoiled as growth marketers to have the ability to customize highly targeted ads in various formats across paid acquisition channels such as Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and the list goes on. Depending on your business model and target audience, we may recommend one acquisition channel over another.

Paid marketing campaigns allow you to do — in three hours — what traditional marketing requires six months to accomplish. Done correctly, by an experienced paid acquisition agency, it can quickly increase user acquisition, channeling targeted users directly into your acquisition loops. Many ad platforms allow you to zero in on your customer through very specific criteria that relates to them, such as location, interests, online behavior, hobbies, age, gender, etc. Let Teknicks take your business to the next level by reaching the right audience and using messaging that will resonate with them. The success is limitless and a well-constructed paid acquisition strategy can drive not only acquisition, but support retention and monetization along the way.

See how our PLG Methodology (the same process we use for Salesforce, Audible, and produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

Contrary to popular belief, successful paid acquisition campaigns for product-led growth cannot simply be set and ignored. They require constant monitoring, testing and refinement by a professional paid acquisition agency well-versed in PLG. Even successful campaigns have a relatively short shelf life. Our expert team knows how to recognize, scale and capitalize on successful ads without overstaying the welcome. Learn more about what makes Teknicks a leading paid acquisition agency for product-led SaaS, web apps, and marketplaces.

Paid Search & SEM Campaigns

Teknicks has offered paid search as an acquisition channel since the search engines were in their infancy. Managing search ads in both Google and Bing is an ideal way to target potential customers based on their needs and the intent of their search at the moment of need. We have developed strategic ways to manage the bidding systems, targeting, and structure of campaigns in order to maximize performance, lower the CPC, increase the conversions, and ultimately lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC). There is a big difference between running paid search on your own and working with a paid acquisition agency that specializes in paid search.

Paid Social Ad Campaigns

In more recent years, social channels have transformed the way companies can advertise to their target audiences. Leveraging key user profile data and in-platform behavior metrics allows businesses to target very specifically by factors such as age, gender, location, education level, degree, employment, hobbies, groups they participate in, causes they support, movies they like, content they consume, etc. Social ads can be in the form of a post, video, image, or display ad, and often appear very naturally within the users’ social feed. Social ad channels can be finicky and ineffective if you don’t have an integrated growth strategy. Teknicks aligns your use case with appropriate channels that reach your audience and places users into strategic steps within the user growth journey.

A Little Bit More About Our Paid Acquisition Agency Process



Paid acquisition requires highly specific insights, perhaps more than any other channel. Our process starts with an in-depth analysis and review of your target audience through marketing research, industry competitors and past campaigns.



We’ll analyze your growth targets and available advertising budget, set realistic goals and identify untapped paid acquisition channels that could work well for your business. We’ll begin the actual campaigns with a variety of low-budget feelers, designed to identify a set of initial winning formulas.



Once we’ve identified winners, we’ll scale up spending, capitalizing on your ROI while constantly refining your ads. Our process is 100% transparent and our detailed performance reporting is as thorough as it gets, so you never have to worry about how your ad money is being spent.

Are you ready to finally see what a successful paid acquisition agency looks like? The first step is to schedule your FREE strategy meeting to discuss your goals.

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