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SEO should be a scalable acquisition channel for your product that drives sustainable compounding user growth. Run a free SEO audit to determine how your website can organically drive user growth for your SaaS product.

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Graded Report of SEO Ranking Factors

Get a comprehensive look at how your website is doing in critical areas such as on-page SEO, page speed, links, core web vitals, usability and more. Our free SEO audit provides fast visual cues to help you prioritize the recommendations.

Graded Report of SEO Ranking Factors

Recommendations for Improving SEO

Based on what our automated audit tool finds on your pages, you’ll be presented with a number of actionable recommendations for improving SEO.  We’ll also tell you which of the major factors (such as linking or on page SEO) is helped by the recommendation, making it easy to target that factor and bring your SEO grade up. Each recommendation is ranked as low, medium or high priority, so you know which ones might come with the best return on your efforts.

On-Page SEO Results

The free audit report then digs deeper into each factor that influences your site’s SEO grade, starting with on page SEO results. You’ll get breakdowns and  recommendations for areas, including title tags, meta descriptions, headers, keyword consistency and use, word count, image alt attributes, robots.txt and structured data. Red Xs and green checkmarks make it easy to see what your site does and doesn’t have so you can add or correct items to improve SEO.

On-Page SEO Results


Receive a breakdown of top keywords driving traffic to your site from various
locations to better understand your current audience. We’ll also provide a breakdown of where you rank for your keywords and the estimated traffic you are receiving from that term.


Find out how many backlinks your site has and how many domains they come
from. A robust number of backlinks from many high-quality domains is good for SEO. We’ll also provide a list of the highest value backlinks to your site. That helps you understand where you’re performing well and may give you some ideas for getting more high-quality backlinks to improve SEO. This section also identifies links on your own pages that might not be search engine or user friendly and identifies the possible issue with those links so you can fix them.


Sites that aren’t user friendly don’t tend to perform well when it comes to SEO. In this section of the free audit, you’ll find information about how your site renders on various screens and devices, whether your pages pass Google Core Web Vitals tests, and whether you use unfriendly technology such as Flash content and iFrames. Font sizes, email privacy and other usability factors are also considered.


Core Web Vitals

Find out if your site passes the Core Web Vitals audit. Core Web Vitals metrics
include Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). Part of Google’s Page Experience Update from June 2021, these metrics help Google understand the quality of your site’s user experience (UX). Google strives to serve web pages that deliver a good experience, and Core Web Vitals help the search engine determine if your page fits the bill.

Performance Results

Page performance is as important as usability. This section reports on factors such as page speed, page size, what types of content and technology make up the page, whether there are JavaScript errors when loading the page and how many resources the page requires to load. As with all sections on the report, visually friendly red Xs and green checkmarks make it easy to pinpoint areas where your site needs improvement.

Performance Results

Page Speed

See how quickly your pages load for users and search engines. Page speed
became an official Google ranking factor in 2010 for desktop search, then again in 2018 for mobile search. A fast website is good for SEO as well as user experience (UX). This report breaks down how quickly your pages load and some ways your page load time could be improved.

Social Results

This section lets you know how you’re doing with integrating social media and
website marketing. You’ll get red or green marks for factors such as connecting
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter, having robust social followings and using recommended social platform technology on your pages.

Social Results

Technology Results

Our free SEO audit ends with information summarizing the technology associated with
your page. That includes what software or coding libraries are found on your pages as well as DNS servers and server IP addresses.

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