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What Are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are a lot like Instagram or Snapchat stories: they’re a collection of image, video, text and audio content from brands or other online publishers. The major difference is that Google Web Stories aren’t limited to social feeds — they can show up anywhere across the web and on any device.

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Google Web Stories: Content You Can Own

Social media stories are engagement machines. They drive a lot of views, likes and DM responses, in part because they’re so easy to personalize. Stories let the people behind your company show up and connect with consumers, and they give you a great place to try out content before putting it in a more permanent location.

But social stories ultimately reside on and are controlled by the platforms. By contrast, Google Web Stories come with fewer restrictions.

  • You can host them on your own site, adding to valuable content on your own pages.
  • They don’t disappear until you take them down — Web Stories don’t answer to the 7-day timeline other Google items do and certainly not the 24-hour timeline common on social media.
  • Stories are an upgrade from AMP, and they’re responsive, functioning as well on desktop as they do on mobile.
  • Google doesn’t restrict your ability to link out, which means you can include informative links without gaining a certain number of followers or going through hoops such as “link in bio.”
  • Since Web Stories technically act as web pages, you can include them in analytics to easily understand their performance.

See how our AIM Methodology (the same process we use for Amazon, Salesforce, and Shutterfly) produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

Why You Should Treat Google Web Stories as SEO

One of the most exciting things about Google Web Stories is that they’re designed to be indexed by search engines — which means you should think about them in terms of SEO as well as engagement. Web Stories provides another opportunity to get SEO-rich content associated with your pages and show up in SERPs for relevant keywords.

Plus, highly relevant, high-quality Web Stories have a chance of showing up in Google Discover (for websites in the United States, Brazil and India as of 2021). Google Discover is a content feed that displays in certain Google apps, on Google’s web properties and on the search giant’s mobile home page.

How Teknicks Can Help You Win with Google Web Stories

Teknicks provides a full-service solution for maximizing SEO and engagement opportunities with Google Web Stories. We partner with you to understand your business goals, brand and audience. Based on your input and our SEO and digital marketing expertise, we craft entire Google Web Stories designed to boost SEO performance, drive traffic and push conversions — or meet your other top-level business marketing goals.

Our team of content and creative experts will evaluate how your brand can use web stories to offer a more egaging way to serve content.

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