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Google Assistant Action Development

Google continues to dominate the global search engine space, retaining more than 92 percent of search traffic both here in the United States and worldwide. Recent trends indicate a significant portion of that search traffic is expected to be through voice using Actions on Google.

Google Action Development

Want to have meaningful, natural interactions with your target audience? Looking to provide your users with friction-less, functional experiences that are accessible on more than 500 million devices including smartphones and watches, speakers, tablets and yes even iPhones?

Teknicks’ team of Google Action design engineers extend the functionality of Google’s voice-controlled personal assistant to create meaningful two-way conversations. We utilize best-in-class practices to build and deploy next-gen voice assistant apps designed to deliver exceptional user experiences that drive business growth. With Google Actions, we go beyond basic voice activation to engage users in a way that is truly engaging and immersive.

See how our PLG Methodology (the same process we use for Salesforce, Audible, and produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

Going Beyond “OK Google”

Actions on Google enable developers to create custom software that transforms Google Assistant into a fully conversational interface that can answer a single question or respond to complex inquiries.

Our Google Action development company expands the existing capabilities of Google’s personal assistant to move beyond simple task-orientated voice commands to create a natural, seamless interaction between the user and a customized Google Action app.

And because Google’s mobile operating system, Android, currently holds approximately 85 percent of the mobile market share while Google Home is quickly capturing a significant size of the smart home market, investing in Google Action development simply makes sense.

Enabling Google Actions From Anywhere

Using a Google Action is easy and highly intuitive for anyone. Users simply start a conversation by triggering the Google Assistant with a voice command that begins with “Hey Google” or specifically invoking the Google Action by name. This launches the Action and initiates the interactive process that guides the user toward their goal or desired outcome through a series of natural responses the app generates.

By pairing Google Action’s natural dialog flow with the voice-based interface of Google Assistant, users can invoke the Google Action app, engage in a conversation, and achieve their objectives — all by using devices they already own.

How Google Action App Builders Add Two-Way Conversation Capabilities

Our dedicated Google Action development team works directly with our clients to understand their goals and desired outcomes from a customized Google Action app. This process involves extensive consultation to review the required functionality and features of the Google Action, as well as critical information regarding corporate branding, language and the target user group. We utilize an extensive research and discovery process to identify the project parameters and any potential roadblocks to ensure all the requested features can be integrated into the custom Google Action within the proposed project timeline and budget.

Once the final details of the Google Action development plan are agreed upon, the Teknicks team will work to create customized scripts that dictate how users will interact with the Action app. We use next-level dialog logic, specific prompts and inputs which are cloud-based, allowing users to access the app from anywhere using any device compatible with Google’s voice-based services.

Action - Intent - Fulfillment

Wondering what actually makes a Google Action work?

Just like a real, person-to-person conversation, every Google Action includes three critical elements — the start of the conversation, a desired goal or outcome and input from both parties to achieve that goal. And because the entire platform is cloud-based, users can access Google Actions from any Google-powered, internet-connected device including smart speakers, tablets and vehicles equipped with Google’s Android system.


A Google Action is a specific access point that Google Action developers create within the Google Assistant platform. This includes both a name for your specific Google Action app and a phrase that users need to say or type to launch the Action.

To start an Action conversation, users simply use the “OK Google” command followed by a statement that includes the Action they’d like to interact with, such as “talk to….” This instantly launches the Action and the two-way dialog between the user and the Action has begun.

Google Action apps can be used to meet a wide range of user needs across all industries including education, healthcare, tourism, and sales. Actions can be as simple, or as complex, as you want them to be — they can be designed to provide responses to a narrow scope of queries, or they can handle complex interactions that involve lengthy conversations with multiple user utterances and responses.

Start The Conversation Here

Ready to harness the power of Google Action for your business? As the industry-leading Google Action development company, Teknicks is positioned to provide you with the Google Action development services you need to achieve optimal results.

The first step is to set up a FREE strategy meeting to learn more about your Google Action functionality requirements. Click below to schedule.

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