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Alexa Skill Development Company

There are more than one hundred million Alexa-enabled Amazon smart speaker devices in use, making Alexa one of the most familiar voice platforms on the planet.

Alexa Skill Development for Apps and Enterprise

Looking to connect with your clients, customers and prospects using new, innovative technologies that users love? Want to create seamless interactions by tapping into the massive audience of Amazon Alexa enabled devices worldwide?

As the leading Alexa skill development company, Teknicks knows how to harness the power of Alexa Skills to grow your business. We utilize best-in-class Alexa Skill design and development methods to deliver exceptional results that are customized to match your specific goals and outcome measures. This includes custom skills, smart home, flash briefing, video, music and lists to build natural voice experiences on Alexa devices.

There are currently more than 50,000 Amazon Alexa skills in use worldwide that are compatible with approximately 20,000 devices and more than 1,200 brands of smart devices. We have the experience, technical expertise and dedication it takes to help you tap into this expanding medium and maximize your market exposure.

See how our PLG Methodology (the same process we use for Salesforce, Audible, and produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

Putting Alexa to Work for Your Business

Our Alexa Skill design team develops highly intuitive, natural Alexa skills that encourage users to interact with your brand in a way that’s engaging, effective and approachable through devices like the Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Sonos One smart speakers.

We use a proprietary Alexa Skill development process to carefully consider all aspects of each project, identify any barriers to success and hone in on exactly what it takes to make your unique Alexa Skill stand out among the competition.

Creating Brand Loyalty With Voice

Right now top-tier international brands are already using Alexa Skills to grow consumer loyalty, add value to their products and establish themselves as subject matter experts in their field.

The Campbell’s Soup brand has an Alexa Skill that helps Alexa users plan out their meals, create shopping lists and even discover new recipes – all featuring Campbell’s products. Tide’s Stain Remover Alexa Skill provides clear, step-by-step instructions on stain removal, while the Ask Patron Alexa Skill delivers a steady stream of bartending tips and recipes that feature Patron Tequila.

Our Alexa Skill Development Process

As a client of Teknicks, we expect a lot from you — that is, a lot of information, communication and ongoing feedback. We view you as our partner — someone who is just as invested in the success of your enterprise as we are.

Project Kick-off

We utilize a rigorous, proprietary Alexa Skill development process that involves a series of well-defined steps that guide our team throughout the design and deployment stages of each custom Alexa Skills build. During the project kick-off, we establish the specific deliverables and high-level details including the strategic and creative direction of the Skill, and the high-level tech dependencies required to achieve the project goals.

Alexa Skills Research and Discovery

The next step is research and discovery — we dig deep into the technical aspects of the project to identify any potential roadblocks, verify the feasibility of the proposed functions and develop clear Skill user stories. Our Alexa Skills development team also confirms that the desired outcomes can be achieved within the financial parameters of the project as well as any limitations around delivery dates.

Voice Script Development

At this point in the process, we move toward the development of the actual voice experience that will be the forward-facing engagement point for the end user. Our Alexa skill development team creates carefully-crafted voice scripts that match the agreed-upon user stories and design features list in order to connect user input with natural, accurate responses from the Alexa skill.

Accuracy and attention to detail are critical at this point in the Skills development process. A well-executed voice experience will accurately detect the intentions of the Skill user and match those intents with a response that’s both natural and helpful.

On the other hand, failure to focus on the design and flow of the voice experience will result in a user experience that falls flat in terms of creating an engaging, fluid dialog with the user — that’s why our Alexa Skills developers are passionate about the Skill authentication, design and flow aspects of the development process.

Voice Experience Production:

Once the Alexa Skill user scripts and the flow of the dialogue between the Skill user and the Skill have been reviewed with and approved by you, our Alexa Skill quality assurance engineers will execute a series of rigorous tests of your Skill using Amazon Echo devices.

During the testing phase, we perform an in-depth analysis of the functionality of the Skill, examining the real-world performance of all aspects of the Skill. We look at Skill user inputs, user responses, user intents and the overall flow of the dialogue to verify that all aspects of the Skill work flawlessly while matching all of your desired goals and outcomes for the project.

Amazon Alexa Skill Submission and Launch

Once we have completed our in-house Alexa skill development process, quality assurance testing and received final client approval, we will then move forward with the publish and launch of the Skills directly with Amazon.

Amazon then conducts their own review and beta-testing process that generally takes anywhere between one to two weeks depending on the volume of Skills submissions. If your Skill is approved by Amazon, it will be set to launch.

Our Teknicks Alexa Skills development team manages the entire Amazon Skills beta-testing, review and approval process to ensure seamless submissions. We create the required Alexa Skills Store metadata, Skills descriptions and Skills info in compliance with Amazon’s criteria; and we work to establish an accurate launch timeline in order to enable the Skills’ launch coordination with branding and advertising materials.

Seamless Compatibility Across All Alexa Devices — Guaranteed

With tens of thousands of Alexa-compatible devices currently in the hands of consumers and ranging from smart plugs to smart televisions, speakers and wearables, compatibility across all of these devices and brands is a top priority for our Alexa skills development team here at Teknicks.

As an Alexa Skill development agency, we utilize a rigorous testing process to ensure every Alexa Skill we develop works as expected across all brands of Alexa-compatible devices because we understand that the performance of your Alexa Skill is a reflection of your brand.

Consumers are quick to associate poor functionality on apps with the reputation of a business — that’s why we’ll only launch your skill once we are 100% confident it will work flawlessly and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Are you ready to discuss Amazon Alexa skill development? The first step is to schedule your FREE strategy meeting to discuss your goals.

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