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Creating a buzz around your company is a tried-and-true way to grow your brand. Bridging the gap between companies and top publications requires a proven process and experience. Let us help get the conversation started for your brand and increase the credibility of your company and team.

In years past, PR was restricted to television, radio and print. Today, you can add the entire digital world to that list, in a broad and meaningful way. Our approach to media relations is to capitalize on the conversations that people are interested in having, where they are already having them.

See how our AIM Methodology (the same process we use for Amazon, Salesforce, and Shutterfly) produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

Teknicks has the ability to get your company mentioned within top publications that are relevant to your industry and read by your prime audience. Whether it’s a brand mention within an article written by an expert, or positioning your team as the expert authors, we will work to secure you top placements in some of the most well-known online publications.

A Little Bit More About Our ePR and Publication Placements Process



Teknicks will start by conducting a knowledge-extraction meeting where we meet with your team of experts to fully understand your capabilities and value proposition. From there, we strategize on topics and publications that would be right for your brand.



Next, Teknicks will develop a content blueprint and will present you with the selected publications, content topics and target audience information. All of these factors are based on your specific brand and your content marketing goals.



Once the blueprint has been agreed upon, we then move to the Content Placement phase. We personally work with the selected publication websites throughout the publishing process and see it through until the content is live. Once live, we monitor the content to ensure it is on pace to meet your brand’s goals.

Are you ready to finally see what a success publication placement strategy looks like? The first step is to schedule your FREE strategy meeting to discuss your goals.

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