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Content is a crucial part of your overall product-led growth (PLG) strategy. It bridges the gap between company and customer, and when executed properly, can position your brand and product as an authoritative force within your industry.

Teknicks can develop a product-led content strategy and provide solutions to help your product capitalize on potential customers’ need for valuable content. By gathering insights from your ideal target persona, we are able to create rich, SEO-friendly content to provide the information your prospective users and customers seek out.

See how our PLG Methodology (the same process we use for Salesforce, Audible, and produces extraordinary results that can be applied to grow your business.

Our content creation methodology is based on carefully researched and well-defined user personas. Our content targets users at specific stages in the buying cycle while keeping content aligned with your company branding, product strategy, North Star metrics, tone and voice. If you want to create content that leads to product-led growth, you need clear and defined metrics, goals and a calculated approach. Learn more about what makes Teknicks a leading content creation agency for product-led SaaS, web apps, and marketplaces.

A Little Bit More About Our Product-Led Content Creation Process



Our content creation experts will work with you to review your current content strategy to see what’s working, what’s not and where the major areas of opportunity exist for your product growth. We also take a look at what your competitors are doing and research your target audience to learn as much about them as we can. What are their problems and needs? What questions do they have? What alternatives can they choose other than your product? If you don’t have a deep understanding of your use cases, how will you know how to provide them value?



Once the use case is established, we research which topic areas and content types that are best suited for them. Topics are evaluated from a keyword perspective to ensure the keywords we choose to target are best positioned to compete for a top ranking spot on Google’s search results. All of this is balanced with maintaining your brand’s voice and tone. Are you fun and casual? Serious and reserved? Each brand has its own unique identity and we want to ensure the published content exemplifies that.



Once the content topics and keywords have been identified, Teknicks will work with our team of copywriters to develop content that is created with the buyer persona and use case in mind. Once the content has been created, it will be edited and optimized for readability and SEO best practices, and finally enhanced by compelling imagery or videos provided by our creative team.

Are you ready to finally see what a successful content creation program for product-led growth (PLG) looks like? The first step is to schedule your FREE strategy meeting to discuss your goals.

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