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Teknicks has been growing companies for 20 years by helping more people discover and find value in digital products and software applications. Over the course of two decades, we’ve worked in just about every industry vertical, enabling us to test and refine our growth frameworks in the most competitive markets. We were one of the first agencies to focus on growth for SaaS products, and built frameworks that have acquired and retained millions of users. That is why the hottest SaaS startups, fastest growing scale-ups, and most well-known later-stage enterprises us as their growth agency. Experience matters.

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If your product needs help acquiring, retaining, or monetizing more users, schedule a FREE strategy meeting to talk with our experts. You can choose a time that is convenient for you and book it online instantly. Below is a sample list of clients, results, and testimonials.

“I’ve worked with them for years and they are the one of the few agencies I recommend to my colleagues. As an SEO professional myself, it is great to find other experts at my level that I can bounce ideas off of, and rely on their input. The Teknicks team is advanced and made up of senior level SEO’s. I highly recommend them as a resource or agency. The results have been solid as well.”

Filipe Santos
Head of Global SEO

“Teknicks is a responsive team with great client staff who understand the changing business environments in B2B technology. They are an excellent team that takes SEO and responsive marketing to a new and higher level.”

Adam Stein
Director of Marketing

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