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Is SEO worth the investment?

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SEO has become one of the central staples of internet marketing techniques because of the massive traffic yields, authority gains, conversion potential, and ultimately, high returns on investment (ROI). High organic rankings in search build authority through repeated long term exposure to traffic. As a long term investment, SEO is unmatched, because it keeps working for a company once optimization is done.

Though there have been shifts to other forms of internet marketing during recent years due to Google updates and new marketing strategies,however, the bottom line remains the same: an effective SEO campaign is required to rank highly, and high rankings are the most powerful way to build brand authority and trust. It is vital to choose an SEO company that plans ahead and thinks strategically about its SEO tactics. Many common mistakes have been made in the past by internet marketers who focus only on the algorithm in its current state, as opposed to thinking forward and optimizing content for the “human” user, and not for Google’s “robotic” algorithm.

 One such relic of the past is keyword-stuffing, the once-common practice of cramming a keyword into a page several times over in an effort to rank for that particular keyword. Another common mistake that is still made by businesses is to focus an entire SEO campaign around one keyword or phrase, which can lead to less natural-looking content. One algorithm update could upset the entire foundation of such a strategy, and throw away all the effort put into that campaign. The solution is not to abandon SEO entirely, but to plan ahead and develop a long term strategy. It is public knowledge that Google updates its algorithm regularly, so it is critical to hire an SEO company whose strategy is versatile and adaptable.

An SEO campaign that focuses on a variety of keywords and phrases would be much more resilient than one that focuses only on one keyword. This approach plans ahead for Google’s own plans for the future, which are to make search more semantic.

Since ranking in organic search is a fundamental requirement for successful internet marketing campaigns to build authority and brand recognition, SEO will always be paramount. SEO is and always will be a dynamic field, so it is important that an SEO campaign be forward-thinking and adaptable. A versatile SEO strategy will bring in high returns in the long run.

About the Author

Andrew is the Senior SEO Manager at Teknicks where he leads the SEO team in developing and executing various SEO strategies. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys playing tennis, watching movies, and supporting his favorite sports teams.

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