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Robust pay-per-click programs, exceptional ROI. At Teknicks, we make the most of your PPC budget while driving qualified, converting traffic to your site.

Teknicks has a staff of AdWords certified individuals who can develop, set up and manage your paid marketing campaigns across channels such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Our programs include full strategy development and setup, creative ad development and management, and full analytics reporting and optimization.
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The Value of a #1 Ranking | Teknicks

Adwords Certified Partner | TeknicksTeknicks offers proactive pay-per-click program management that delivers instant gratification for your advertising efforts. While we recommend PPC as a supplement to our holistic, organic SEO strategies, we understand the need to gain wide brand exposure without waiting for long-term SEO results. At Teknicks, our ppc agency team help you take control of your online marketing by setting up, launching, managing and optimizing paid search programs that get fast, targeted results.


At Teknicks, our web marketing specialists know how to select keywords that rank—while designing creative marketing executions that attract users. The result is an effective PPC search program that is well worth the investment.

With campaign management expertise ranging from $1,000 to $1 million per month in media spending, Teknicks is Google and Yahoo! search certified. Our comprehensive paid search services include:

  • Keyword and keyphrase-targeted pay-per-click text ads
  • Content match, contextual search, image ads
  • Local and regional targeting
  • Keyword testing from general to long-tail
  • Cross-channel integration and tracking
  • Mobile and video campaign design and implementation

Teknicks’ PPC Process
At Teknicks, our ppc agency specialists use time-tested methodology to ensure the effectiveness of our web marketing strategies. When you trust our team of PPC agency experts with your paid search program, you’ll receive an amazing value that includes:

  • PPC Agency Strategy and Setup: During this phase of your PPC campaign development, we work to align our strategy with your business objectives and KPIs. In addition, we conduct careful research and analysis to select relevant, cost-effective keywords—both competitive and niche. After setting up your Google, Yahoo! and MSN accounts, we develop and set up a tracking strategy to more effectively manage ongoing PPC efforts.
  • Creative Development and Ad Management: Creating PPC ads by keyword and organizing them into ad groups and campaigns, Teknicks PPC agency then uploads and manages all ads, landing pages, groups and campaigns. In addition, we conduct keyword matching optimization (broad, exact, negative, etc.).
  • Analytics and Optimization: As the most complex and critical part of the PPC campaign process, this phase involves ongoing optimization that’s measured against your program objectives, and is designed to meet or exceed your PPC goals. Steps include:
    • Optimization based upon required KPI (position, traffic, CPC, CPA, ROI, etc.)
    • Funnel analysis from impressions through to conversion by keyword
    • Monthly reporting and analysis
    • Client support via phone, email, IM, and SMS
    • Weekly/bi-weekly status calls, monthly program review and quarterly strategy review

When implemented alongside our organic, or “non-sponsored,” SEO agency strategies and keyword centric link building agency services, Teknicks’ PPC campaigns deliver highly converting site traffic. For more information about our PPC agency programs, or to request a website evaluation, contact our team of technology specialists today.

Landing Page Optimization
  • Focused, compelling content
  • Attractive, persuasive designs
  • Built-in analytics
  • Local, regional and national targeting
Geographic Targeting
  • Lucrative, location-specific strategies
  • Customized creative executions
  • Total campaign control
  • Improved geo-targeted brand awareness
Display Ads
  • Improved online visibility
  • Geographic location placement
  • Point of interest placement
  • Affordable per-impression fees